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Welcome to PuriSpec

Specializing in Chiral and Achiral Chromatographic Separations and Spectroscopic Solutions 

Advancing Drug and Chemical Development Processes by Partnering with our Synthesis and Separation Experts

PuriSpec, LLC partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to expedite drugs to market.  We offer pharmaceutical development expertise in synthesis and separation support services aiding in the scale of your active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) from initial process development to validation and commercial manufacturing.  We also provide technical support for our clients in marketing development of new chromatographic separation products.  Our team of experienced scientists' extensive synthetic organic chemistry and chromatography/mass spectrometry/structural elucidation expertise coupled with our academic collaborations deliver the added value of our innovative, proprietary chromatography products and services, especially those with a chiral emphasis.  Dr. Pippin, co-founder of PuriSpec, is a classically-trained natural products synthetic chemist who brings over 16 years of drug discovery experience covering biologically active molecules.  Our team consists of phamaceutical  partners and consultants with decades of practical industry and academic expertise.   Our team's synthetic experience encompasses a wide range of target classes which exhibit a diversity of challenging physico-chemical properties with molecular weights ranging from low 200 to 550 g/mol. The preferred method of choice for difficult-to-separate soluble intermediates and final products has been and continues to be Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC).  PuriSpec will be an important partner in your drug development processes for all of your pre-clinical non-GMP purification and isolation needs.  Our team of expert scientists are ready to tackle any and all of your separation challenges.

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